Fair Bluff, NC

P.O. Box 648,

 1140 Main Street, Fair Bluff,

 N.C. 28439

Phone  910-649-7202

 Special Events 

The Greater Fair Bluff Chamber of Commerce 

Community Calender 

Chamber of Commerce Events

B.B.Q. on The Bluff                                            April 28-29, 2017                                                                         Contact:  910-649-7202

Open House Visitor's Center                                         December 09, 2016       (2pm-5pm)                                                            Contact:      910-649-7202

Watermelon Growers Association

 Watermelon Festival                                        3rd weekend of July                                                                    Contact:  Judy Enzor   910-649-6845

 Southeastern NC Agriculture Festival          1st weekend of October                                                              Contact:  Judy Enzor   910-649-6845  

Fair Bluff Fire Department

Christmas on Main Street                                2nd week of December                                                                Contact: Fair Bluff Fire Dept.  910-649-7099

Annual Christmas Parade    Satuday  Dec. 10, 2016

Historical Society    

Quarterly Meetings                                         4th Thursday: Jan.,March,June,Sept.                                           Contact: Betty Willis 910-649-7487

Fair Bluff Methodist Church

Annual Bazaar                                                  3rd   Friday in November