Fair Bluff, N.C.

P.O. Box 648,

1140 Main Street, Fair Bluff, N.C. 28439

Telephone  910-649-7202



Down Town Fair Bluff, NC 

Fair Bluff has much to offer with it's rich history and scenic beauty found no where else in the world , along with a spectular River Walk Way along the river banks of the Lumber River located behind  the local businesses along Main Street and it also has many great  businesses for all your shopping needs and enjoyment!

Business Directory 

  Greater Fair Bluff Chamber of Commerce and Lumber River Visitor's Center,         1140 Main Street.             910-649-7202

Automobile / Auto Parts


Fair Bluff Ford                                                                           P.O. Box 1054                                    910-649-7551

Fowlers  Auto Sales                                                                  Hwy 76                                               910-649-6395

Beauty Salons

Barbara's Hair Fashions

                               18 Hammond Street


Gayle's Classic Reflections                                         P.O. Box 845                                                   910-649-7347

Sarah's Stylette                                                             12848 Rough & Ready Rd.                          910-649-7923

Sherri's Beauty Shop                                                   15532 Swamp Fox Rd.                                  910-649-7793

Melanies Beauty Shop                                                14296 Rough & Ready Rd.                           910-649-6175

Carolina Class                                                              Main Street                                                     910-649-7000



Coastal Agribusiness                                                   294 Main Street                                             910-649-7404


Frank Horne Construction Inc.                                    P.O. Box 338                                                910-649-7803

Convenience & Discount Stores

Dollar General                                                                Main Street                                                   910-649-5110

  Shop and Save                                                                         Main Street                                                                      910-649-7500

Computer Sales & Service

Mike Mike's Computers                                          1122 Main Street                                                     910-649-7009                                                                                            


L.R. Odham Jr.  DDS                                                   16 Powell Street                                               910-649-7222


Building Bridges                                                                        

Columbus Career & College Academy                    685 Academy Street                                          910-649-7622

Event Planning

Leafkeepers Inn                                                           5765 Hwy 76 West                                                843-392-1868


Baker's Bug Business                                                   Main Street                                                          910-207-8285


Anderson Oil Company                                            6920 Hwy 76 Nichols SC                                     843-392-3362

Shop and Save                                                                                                                                                                        910-649-7500

Funeral Homes

Meares Funeral Home                                               P. O. Box 187                                                         910-649-7441

S & L Funeral Home                                                                                                                                  910-649-6757

Grocery Store

Piggly Wiggly                                                            Hwy 904                                                                 910-649-7273

Gun Repair

Valley Gun Works                                                                          1085 Main Street                                                           910-212-8646


Coastal Agribusiness                                                   294 Main Street                                                   910-649-7404

B H Small                                                                      1167 Main Street                                                  910-649-7316

Ellis Meares & Sons , Inc.                                           P.O. Box 187                                                         910-649-6220


Landscape & Design

Bullard's Landscape                                                 1154 Ice Plant Road                                              910-649-7702                 


Ellis Meares & Son                                                   Main Street                                                            910-649-7521

Kroy Building Products inc                                   15159 Andrew Jackson Hwy                               910-649-7501


4 Sons Marine                                                            Causey Road                                                          910-649-5755

Metal Buildings


J. L. Hamilton & Son, Inc.                                       11619 Andrew Jackson Hwy                                910-649-7723


The News Times                                                      P.O. Box 535                                                            910-649-5480


Elvington Drugs                                                       P.O, Box  8                                                              910-649-7721



G & G Health Care                                                   Main Street                                                            910-654-2050


Fairfax Electrical                                                        5027 Cherry Grove Road                                    910-649-7171




Horne Bay Farms                                                  

Lumber River Walk                                               Behind Main Street Businesses

Rental Property/Mini Storage

Scott's Enterprises                                                  1162 Main Street                                                        910-649-7591


Johnny's Sandwich Shop                                       899 Main Street                                                         910-649-7220

 Yoko" Japanese  Restaurant                                              Main Street                                                                                  910-649-7700

Roofing/ Vinyl Siding

Atlantic Roofing Dist.                                           P.O. Box 187                                                                   910-649-7317

Senior Citizens Center


Fair Bluff Senior Citizen's Center                       1100 Main Street                                                             910-649-6880

Tax Services

McNeil/Pierce Tax Service                                    1089 Main Street                                                            910-649-6201


Riverstreet Networks                                                                                                                                     844-238-0131


Bowen Tire & Alignment                               11617 Andrew Jackson Hwy                                             910-649-6737

John's Used Tires                                             P.O. Box 986 Hwy 76 West                                                910-649-6736


Columbus Veterinary Clinic                          7495 Andrew Jackson Hwy                                              910-654-6952


F & F General Repairs                                        15273  Andrew Jackson Hwy                                         910-649-7326

New Again Welding & Repair Service           16096 Andrew Jackson  Hwy                                          910-649-6477

Wood Work

The Decoy Shop                                                        Hwy 904                                                                        910-649-7227   

Wrecker Service

Fowler 24 Hour Wrecker Service                          15246 Andrew Jackson Hwy                                       910-649-6396

Small Business Opportunities

With the advent of the Internet and an
explosion of entrepreneurial activity, we would like to offer incentives for
small businesses to call Fair Bluff home. These incentives might include rent
free quarters on start up, reduced taxation, reduced interest rates on start up
money, or other assistances that small business could identify as being

We have several store-sized, front
street, spaces that are waiting for your new, small, electronic or innovative
industrial firm to occupy them.  Established businesses are certainly encouraged
to occupy as well.

For further information, Please contact
Mayor Billy Hammond at (910) 649-7426